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16-05-17 17:09:03
Category: The Garage
Forum: Wanted

Chasing a 10/71 if anyone would like to part with.

14-02-16 10:08:07
Category: The Garage
Forum: Wanted

WTB, Chasing a high rise blower manifold suit Holden 308 VN Heads, Brisbane. Thanks

03-01-16 09:32:38
Category: General Discussion
Forum: Track Talk

wadragracing wrote:

mark davison wrote:


I wonder if five years ago anyone would have put on a bet that there would be more ANDRA championship rounds in Victoria than anywhere else...

Only one round in Qld, at Warwick in November.

03-09-15 13:57:38
29.5 X 11.5w X15
Category: The Garage

Slicks not used. Only fitted to rims as to big for car.




27-08-15 19:17:32
Assorted parts
Category: The Garage

Sent you pm about Richmond 3.7 gears.

13-10-14 18:32:28
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

This might open a can of worms,if a car running 8.50 with all saftery gear racing a car run 11.90 with no required saftey gear collide.
May end up nasty.
I do like lower entry with no prize money.

I know sst / ss are seperate. I was saying if they made them all one class then to split into 2.
My car is to fast for sst, but I like no electronics.
That's all.

sean72 wrote:

I feel sorry for you super street guys , I feel that super street is a good class for people with truely tough street cars ie not race cars with plates,to race.I just don't think its fair for you to race against a full chassis purpose built race car with full tubs ,4 link ,trans brake,delay box, shift solenoid in a standard type car.And you don't even get asked if you want the change.So how do new people get to start racing at an entry level ?


Just a thought, what if they split super sedan into 2, one with electronics & one without.
Then you have a choice.

17-08-14 15:41:22
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

I was just having a look at W/B calander,doesn't have anything listed between Jan-April.Do they have to wait for events to be locked in ?

06-07-14 18:27:59
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

I'm guessing the tv levy has expired,so need to think of something else.

31-01-14 16:58:13
A new way to reward racers, cash up the race track and grow the sponsor list?
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Not sure on the politics of organizing races at tracks.But why can't they try some different idea's from people.
Doing the same thing & expecting different outcome is definition of insane.lol.
They were quick to bring in TV levy for every one,but how much does it benefit small guys.
I haven't raced myself much,unfortunately. I wouldn't be chasing Andra points scheme travelling to all tracks.
Would try to compete in a local points comp.
Hope something comes up as my car will be running again soon.
Just don't have it during summer.
Cheers Steve

29-01-14 18:22:54
A new way to reward racers, cash up the race track and grow the sponsor list?
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

I think that's great idea,unsure why this hasn't implemented.
Bring it on I say.
Cheers Steve.

29-09-13 08:48:40
Category: The Garage

BDS blower carby adapter plate
$120 + ride



29-09-13 08:46:46
Topic: MSD
Category: The Garage

MSD 6al & blaster 2 coil
$250 plus ride


13-08-13 17:12:12
brand new MSD 7al-2 in box
Category: The Garage

Is 7al 2 got extra features as in link (7al2 plus)which has built in 2-step,or is it basic 7al2.
It may be new in the box but still 2nd hand with no warranty.

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