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In 2010 the drag racing season at Darwin's Hidden Valley Drag Strip was shortened to accommodate a multi-million dollar facilities upgrade.

With a spectacular feature event to farewell the old strip it was only fitting to have an equally memorable event to welcome in the new strip in 2011.

Although the popular Beat the Heat events started in April 2011, the official Macmahon Grand Re-Opening is scheduled for Friday May 13th and Saturday May 14th 2011. Tipped as being the biggest horsepower show in Darwin's history the Grand Re-Opening will boast 10 of Australia's fastest Top Doorslammers testing the new surface to its limits.

HighRPM & Zerolizard were approached to produce an advertising concept to reflect this momentous occasion, in-house editor Auki Henry decided an epic mix of dramatic theme music and tight cut action clips would convey the drama. With the familiar voice over of the "Darwin Commentator" Wayne Cottle and a clean cut script by HVDRA's Jay Jukes it definitely fits the brief.

Check out the upcoming commercial here or watch it on Southern Cross Television or 7MATE

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