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A spectator has been killed in a horrific two car accident at the Puerto Rican Salinas Speedway today, home to most of the worlds quickest Sport Compact cars.

In the Sport Compact universe Australia has a close and sometimes where fans are concerned, fiery relationship with the Puerto Ricans nation. No one though can deny they are the force when it comes to developing pocket rocket engines in equally small chassis.


But today there is heartfelt remorse for the P.R Sport Compact community from both sides of the big pond following a horrible top end accident involving he El Papa Mazda RX-8 and Sonic Racing RX7 teams. A spectator died as a result of the accident, a GRS-Motorsport (the guys who provide us with much of the video and imagery from that part of the world) cameraman was seriously injured while both driver also sustained injuries and needed hospitalisation.


Photos by GRS Motorsport show the pairing before and after the incident.

SalinasCrash291113 1SalinasCrash291113 2


Drag News Australia sends its condolences to all those involved.



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