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Affordable Racing Parts (ARP) is quickly becoming renowned as a supplier of high quality racing parts & engine packages. Standing proudly behind their products they sell by providing a high level of technical experience and accumulated industrial experience.

 Accumulated industrial expertise comes after years of extensive experience within the motor and racing fraternity. The knowledge gained from this allows them to serve their customers better. With this philosophy in mind and an aggressive expansion programme planned for Australia, New Zealand and the UK, ARP places a great deal of emphasis on their selection of personal that will represent the company.

Triccas smTristan "Tricky" Triccas

 After an exhausting selection process locally, ARP is pleased to announce the appointment of Tristan Anthony Triccas as the Australian operations manager. The head office will be located in NSW.

Mr Triccas said, “With the purchasing power of ARP, we will be able to provide customers not only the benefit of great prices but back these products up with first rate technical knowledge.”

”This is a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and become a supplier of quality parts and service,” he went on to say.

“Years of competitive racing and numerous NO 1 placing’s has given me the experience and knowledge to pass on to my ARP customers, as well as great savings on ARP high quality parts.

“My aim at ARP is to provide our customers with high quality products & service at an affordable price." Mr Triccas concluded.


 For more information on ARP call Tricky on 0408 612027, visit their online store www.affordableracingparts.com.au or send Tricky an email by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.