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The 2013 Pro Street Shootout season launched at Willowbank Raceway in front of a solid 3000 spectators salivating for another season of tyre smoking wheelstanding passes that only Pro Street delivers.


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The heat as usual threw the curve balls with most Pro Street combatant’s undertyred for the power they are outputting though that is part of the attraction for this form of racing and the tuners ability to adapt.

Outlaw 10.5 is now the showcase of Pro Street, a influx of new cars in the coming season will bolster ranks and there are serious heavy hitters everywhere. The few rules allows easy transition for many sedans to move into the class, just need operating doors, 10.5W slicks and as much power you can muster from any possible engine combination.
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Jeremy Callaghan debuted his new twin turbo Camaro, unfortunately had mechanical issues following a strong 6.52/222MPH pass in testing.
wbps230313 023
Paul Mouhayet’s debut of Michael Moit’s twin turbo Mustang a few weeks early certainly grabbed a lot of attention. Moit will be known too many following the scene as the owner of the legendary WOG007 Cortina which terrorised tracks in the 80’s and 90’s with its wheelstands, Moit now happy to sit back as a car owner to watch the records fall. A 6.20 at 229MPH in qualifying secured the official Pro Street Outlaw 10.5 record though Rob Campisi has gone quicker with a 6.11 on 10.5’s at a non sanctioned event.

wbps230313 005Colin Gardners unusual bodied Pinto in Outlaw 10.5

With all Pro Street classes running a round robin format over three rounds the most wins would go to a final, consistency would be the key and as is common place in Pro Street the quicker cars often beat themselves, and this again was proven true with Mouhayet not doing enough to make the final.
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Sam Fenech was the Mr Consistent of 10.5, steady sixes including a 6.66 PB through the rounds from the blown and injected BinGo Grand Am also on its competition debut went into the final undefeated. He would face Supercharged Outlaw come 10.5 racer Jason Donnelly with his Corvette, Donnelly had been lurking in the high sixes all day, but stuck the tyres in the final allowing Fenech to claim a debutant win with a 6.80.
wbps230313 008
Domenic Luppino blitzed the Pro Street Blown field which was missing a number of heavy hitters, there are a host of new cars in the final stages of being ready to rock too. The big block Mustangs 6.73/217MPH in qualifying reset the class record by a bunch.
wbps230313 020The little injected small block of Kevin Bradley went three for three in the rounds and would face Joe Sabato sporting a Procharged combination after switching from the bottle.
wbps230313 019
Sabato broke into the sevens with a 7.97 defeating traction challenged Bradley in the final.
wbps230313 004
Aspirated Pro Street cars seem to be a endangered species in Queensland regrettably, Pro Street Unblown only had the single entry and perennial competitor Chris Stevermuer from Sydney being was unchallenged at the event.
wbps230313 006wbps230313 010
Likewise Mod Street Unblown was only populated by two racers, Greg Trapnell has tamed down the twisting big block HQ to take the finals win over Darren Dubbelman’s Torana 9.35 to a 9.46.
wbps230313 011
Mod Street Blown had a much more respectable field of ten racers, Joe Gauci’s twin turbo Ford powered Cortina had dominated the class remaining undefeated since debuting the car with five straight event wins.
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This event would be no different for Gauci, top qualifying with a 7.42 and even with a slight slip up in the final, Michael Arnolds ute could not take advantage, the holeshot from the Cortina enough to hang on with a 7.87 to a closing 7.85.
wbps230313 027
The newest Pro Street class is Outlaw Radial which is booming in the US, like 10.5 there are few rules, except radials and no wheelie bars, a combination which can be nothing short of spectacular at times .
wbps230313 007wbps230313 024
Perry Bullivant was who everyone was chasing after his 7.83 in qualifying, undefeated in racing with all seven second laps the Albury racer would face David Johnstone’s nitrous HB Torana in the final. Johnstone was recruited into the class by eagle eye APSA officials from the Dial Your Own bracket when he was seen to be already running radials, but the wheelie bars had to go which had a anti gravity effect on several passes. Johnstone took a big shot at the tree in the final but came up duck eggs leaving way to earlier handing the win the Bullivant.
wbps230313 009
X275 another new class and as the name states based on a tyre size is being known to house plenty of sleepers. Goran Invanovic’s unassuming VL hiding a LSX top qualified with a 9.13 but slow reactions cost him in the rounds.
wbps230313 026wbps230313 028
Terry Seng in an innocuous looking VC Brock was packing a turbo LS3 that punched a big holeshot on Shane Bakers VH Commodore in the final for the win with a 9.62 to a 9.58.
wbps230313 002
True Street is always hard fought, real streeters fighting it out heads up. Former record holder Andrew Searle (yes ex Doorslammer racer) has gone up a few years in model Falcon over his older ride, now with a XD cranked a 9.48 in qualifying but was just surpassed by Jason Benz’s 9.44.
wbps230313 014wbps230313 013
Benz would reach the final with his VL against defending champion Janelle Scott whose performances were improving throughout the rounds culminating with a 9.19 low ET for the class in the last round of racing. Reacting to the Pro Tree is a challenge for this class and often the deciding factor, Scott had the jump in the final and held it for a holeshot 9.32 to 9.30 victory.
wbps230313 001
Pro Street Bike warriors are just that, it takes some big ones to straddle these turbo and nitrous no bar bullets.
wbps230313 003wbps230313 016
Brad Lemberg would top qualify with a 8.06 and move on to a all Hayabusa final against Jason Ellem, were a 8.08 from Ellem would prove to strong for Lembergs 8.17
wbps230313 022
An all in Dial Your Own sedan bracket for anyone not eligible for a Pro Street class was taken out by Neil Tschutura’s VY SS Commodore over Steve Brown’s Stateman.

Pro Street Shootout series moved to Portland’s South Coast Raceway in April but was washed out, the next round is in Sydney in May and promises to be colossal.