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I am interested to know the thoughts of Junior Competitors and Parents on the below rules submissions as I have read from the ANDRA website. I do however only want to hear the thoughts of those involved not those that think they know best and have never had any involvement with the bracket.


1.       Junior Dragster – Mufflers (NRC / ANDRA Meeting Directors)

Due to increasing noise and concerns over noise limits, and in a parallel approach to our automotive entry level class (Super Street) that effective commercial muffling devices be required on all Junior Dragsters. 

2.       Junior Dragster – Delay Devices (SQ Division / ANDRA)

Introduction of a new rule to ban delay devices from use in Junior Dragster.

3.       Junior Dragster – SFI 24.1 Junior Competitor Helmets (Nathan Stephens)

Permit the use of 24.1 SFI Certified helmets for Junior Competition use only.

My thoughts are below.
Rule 1.
I find it interesting that the muffler rule has been put up and personally think it's a silly rule created for a poor reason. I ask if the powers to be have even measured the noise from a junior dragster? Or do they just find them an annoyance? Borla mufflers are the most commonly used muffler in junior dragster from the few that use them both here and in the US and retail from $340 US plus shipping. With that being said the extra weight of the muffler will also have to be braced up from the chassis at an extra expense again otherwise they will be falling of engines left right and centre.. I know there are some juniors out there with parents that would think this is pocket change but there are also a hell of a lot out there that are struggling to keep their kids on the track with all the rising costs. I have no complaints at paying an expense that is for the safety of our children but not an expense because some people out there want the kids RACE CARS to sound like lawn mowers. If noise is such an issue why isn’t the rule brought in across the board for all sportsman brackets? Why because it’s not a problem.

Rule 2.
Totally agree with this rule as this is an entry level sport for the kids to learn the fundamentals of racing. If some end up with delay boxes then all will have to get them to stay competitive again raising the costs of racing.

Rule 3.
These helmets are legal in the NHRA so don’t see why they couldn’t be legal here. The helmets do have smaller shells and are lighter rather than the full size shell with extra padding in side as most helmets are made for the kids. This creates an awfully heavy helmet in some cases on a very small neck.

Rules are often made without consulting those that it effects to speak up if you disagree or agree with these rules or it will be too late. Too often racers have sooked in the pits but don’t put their hands up when it counts. What are your opinions? Post them here and let your DC know.

Cheers Rod Oberg father of
Caleb Oberg Race# 99
Ethan Oberg Race# 100

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Interesting proposals.
1. Mufflers. Some Junior dragsters are very noisy
I would hate to see a full muffler system on a J/D be mandatory but I think it is something that is bound to happen sooner or later.
Kids have plenty of time then to go deaf from the bigger cars later on in their racing carreer.
Sitting in the stands when some J/Ds were testing a few months ago (before this rules proposal came to light) we were commenting about how loud some of the big bore engine J/Ds are.
Hanging over the fence the other week (as you do at Willowbank) near the burnout box i noticed that I was not the only spectator blocking my ears from the noise, which from some J/Ds was actually painful.
As a long time J/D parent I think i would be deaf from J/Ds noise if I had not worn earmuffs (with the J/D running) since we started racing.
I insisted the boys always wear them if we are starting the J/D at home or in the pits. 
2.Delay devices
Ban all forms of them from  J/D. Somehow word the rules so there is no room for "creative interpretation" .
A good driver will still be a good driver without them .
3.SFI 24.1 Junior Competitor Helmets
Good Idea

Kerry Boyde
J/D Dad since 1999

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It's worth also considering that if the track were considered a workplace, you'd be required to wear hearing protection almost as soon as you drove in the gate... Yet some racers/crew/staff are happy to walk out on the start line with no hearing protection... I've got no problem with this for adults, if they want to go deaf, they're welcome to... However, children are a different story, whether they like it or not, we take our kids to the track, and we expose them to all sorts of things that are bad for them, if we can protect their hearing, then we should be doing so...

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