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18-07-15 20:08:34
16x15 or 16x16, 5x5 pcd and 3.5-4.5 back spacing
Category: The Garage
Forum: Wanted

I have a set of Cragar 16 x 16 beadlocks.


29-03-15 13:38:30
Brand new
Category: The Garage

Have you still got these?

08-06-13 20:54:37
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Does anyone know if all the qualifying sheets are posted up anywhere(besides the back of the tower)on the net? ( Grp 1 only)

19-05-13 19:01:47
Category: The Garage

I'm looking for a set of BBC oval port heads for my truck. Not the tiny truck heads.
Not high dollar items.
Preferably in SE QLD.


25-03-13 12:51:28
Category: Junior Drag Racing
Forum: Up'n comers

Thanks Grant

25-03-13 10:00:38
Category: Junior Drag Racing
Forum: Up'n comers

Thanks. Must be a handful having 3 running.

24-03-13 22:20:17
Category: Junior Drag Racing
Forum: Up'n comers

Yeh Rod. Still here for a while longer. Are you bringing your JD's out for Easter.

24-03-13 11:56:38
Category: Junior Drag Racing
Forum: Up'n comers

I've been thinking hows the best for a while and I was thinking along those lines. Even thought about a remote control kill switch, just in case. When I do get him used to stopping and steering, I'll back the engine right down before he actually test drives.

I'm interested in hearing from other parents that have been through the same thing. Or even JD racers on how they learnt.

24-03-13 08:54:12
Category: Junior Drag Racing
Forum: Up'n comers

I just wondering how other people have taught their kids to drive a JD, especially when they are only 8 and haven't driven anything before. Is it easier to put them in a go cart to get some driver skills?

My son is 8 and has a JD, but I have been trying to think of the best way to teach him to drive it.
Bit hard when I can't sit beside him and coach him like normally teaching someone to drive.

01-03-13 10:33:14
Casey Stoner
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

It could be good publicity for drag racing to get anyone that has good media assosciations into a good car and take them for a ride.
Especially some of the journo's that are always calling street racing etc, "drag racing". They might realise the difference then.

Sunrise is one of the countries top morning shows. As channel 7 has the rights to the supataxis, Put David Koch and Mark Berreta in the passenger seat of a Top Doorslammer and see what they reckon compared to a V8 supertaxi that they've been for a ride in.
Or give Grant Denyer, the crazy weatherman, a drive of a blown car, He's a circuit racer, so he should make some pretty interesting comarisions.

24-02-13 09:42:13
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Why does SCO need more cars. There were 48 entered at the Winters for a 32 car field.

Out of the people on here wanting to add turboed,/nitrous cars to outlaws, how many people suggesting this are outlaws racers?

Outlaws is a good class as it is. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

Why do people build cars that don't have a class to run, then expect rules to be changed for them?

Maybe to test the water, different formats could be run at smaller non championship meetings to see how it goes, also in these cases, it would be a help to survey spectator opinions.
Although, as a DYO class, with a bottom cut-off, racing a blown car against a turboed nitrous car loses some of it's appeal.

Maybe a bracket needs to be trialed that is heads up with .050 cuts. For spectator appeal, it would cover many more people. Many of the younger people are more for turbo's with EFI. Imagine some of the races, with sports compact style cars racing blown sedans etc. Kinda like the battles between Victor Bray and Watsons turboed 4cyl Sprite.
It would appeal to both the older die hards and the younger generation.


04-02-13 23:42:07
Category: General Discussion
Forum: Track Talk

Who's coming to Roma for the drags at Easter?

Track has just had a $200000 upgrade. New concrete startline, with the rest of the track asphalt.

Outlaws is open to all blown cars, including turboed and nitrous cars.  Already looking at a quick field.
Track record is 4.33, on the old track. Open for taking!


40 tooth 13.9 blower pulley.

29-11-12 16:34:11
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

If anyones interested in Harley prostock engines, I was reading a good thread on YellowBullet from George Bryce.

George runs Starr Racing, Pro Stock Harley team, He talks about the engines they are building and there's some great pics as well. 5" bores, 2.8" intake valves, these are awesome engines.

14-10-12 00:27:02
Category: General Discussion
Forum: Track Talk

They must think everyone that races comes from Brisbane.
I'm not driving 500k's then having to find a motel for me, my family & crew, nor leaving car unattended at track.

Anyone want to buy 2 outlaws rails, plus trailer and CAMPING GEAR. Time to find a new sport!!!

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