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12-09-14 16:01:32
Category: Sponsor's Lane

Urgent Attention all VP Western Australian Customers.

VP Racing Fuels is distributed by SCM Race Engines & Performance - Excitement Though Power & CMP (Chris Mills Performance).

Fuel being supplied by any other company claiming to be a registered VP dealer will NOT be allowed for use in any competition.

Note: Any racer using fuel not purchased through an homologated dealer may result in disqualifications and suspensions.

If you have any queries or concerns, please free to contact us on: (02) 9723 4233.

30-03-14 07:20:01
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Sounds like we have a volunteer to write a meeting report? default/smile
As for ANDRA it was not a part of the national championship.

14-03-14 17:41:08
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Not strictly a drag racing question, but what are people's thoughts on the new breed of F1 cars?
Will the adoption of new technology and a (predicted) improvement in racing lead to more fans or will the loss of the noise be a major factor?
I didn't like it at first but am now starting to enjoy hearing the cars actually working. But there does seem to be more than a few people missing the old noise.
Would this be a factor say if turbos took over Top Doorslammer do you think?

10-03-14 12:47:06
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Can you remember what he looked like so we can try and narrow it down?

09-03-14 22:43:01
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Probably Grant Stephens/Cackling Pipes - grant@cacklingpipes.com

02-03-14 12:41:15
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Both ANDRA and the Motorplex have full sheets. Have you tried those sites?

13-02-14 22:43:57
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

http://dragnews.com.au/index.php/news-a … ney-change

Hi Geoff, the bulletin came via email this afternoon. Rob works for his own business, Grant was on his way to the track for the Bike Night and I was underwater looking at tropical fish. Ok, I don't have a day job...but we all have our life commitments first.


Thought I might start up another idea thread...what do you think your local track can do, or what has your local track done, to make you feel valued as a racing or spectating customer?
Ignoring the usual "lower the fees" or "pay us more prizemoney" calls, what are low/no cost ways a track could improve your experience and have you coming back for more? Who knows, maybe your suggestion could be taken aboard for the improvement of your local track!

Just reeling off a few things that have made an impact on me at tracks:
- Greetings at the gate. It is very nice when you get a happy voice and someone who is very enthusiastic to help you, not treating you like an interruption to their day. Bristol in the USA had this down to a 't'.
- Good information distribution/communication. When you feel like you are part of an event and aware of everything that is happening it certainly makes you feel more connected to it and valued.
- Those little shower spray things. Sometimes it's good just to cool off!

Your turn...

08-02-14 17:13:38
Discuss the NHRA 2014 season here!
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Well it's all off and running in Pomona.
Shane Tucker made his first runs in NHRA Pro Stock in official competition, story on front page.
David Grubnic 9th and Richie Crampton 18th currently in Top Fuel after Friday night qualifying.

Report from pre event testing on the front page.
Grant O'Rourke's Pontiac Top Doorslammer looks pretty schmick, as did John Cannuli's Camaro which was being driven by Murray O'Connor on Wednesday.
Weather is looking a lot more mild for this weekend, 31 for Friday and 28 for Saturday.

Kelly Corbett reset the NZ four cylinder record (story on front page).
Dom Luppino went 6.9s as did Scott Porter. Chris Fakinos in the 8.1s. From all reports seems like a quality event.

As we have totally upgraded our site, there is a small lag period where some posts and images may not appear on the site, If they are just images, you may need to edit your post and re upload those images.
There will be very few posts affected, but apologies all the same.
Additionally check out the Forum menu if you can' t see your post as the front page only displays the last 6 posts. There is a link to all posting sections in the main menu under forum.

Cheers and thanks for your support.

29-12-13 19:03:43
Topic: For Sale
362 SBC
Category: The Garage

Just click on the attachments icon at the base of the posting box ( it has Hide Smiles, Subscribe and Attachements,
Then upload a photo and drag and click the green return on the RHS ( you might have to move the scroll bar at the base to see this,

Alternatively press the image link icon if you are hosting the image on another website,

For Video you click the green film icon and insert say YouTube etc and fill in the video id.

09-04-13 07:12:53
Comments on the 2013 Nitro Champs.
Category: DNA Newsbits
Forum: NewsBits

Thoughts and comments on the 2013 Nitro Champs.

DNA will be covering the race using our CiL module. We will be covering ALL classes from the qualifying to finals.

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