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06-09-16 21:52:36
Chev 406 Small Block Engine
Category: The Garage

Chev SB 406 Engine, less Carb & Ignition, has run 8.11 over 1/4

Chev SB 406 cube engine, GM 3951511 4 Bolt Block, ARP Fasteners throughout, All balanced includes SFI Balancer & Flexplate. Eagle Forged Crank, Eagle I Beam Rods, Performance Oil Pan, Hi-Vol Oil Pump, 23 Deg Dart Heads, Stainless Valves, Manley Springs, Retainers & Locks, Comp Roller Cam with Comp Lifters, Comp Roller Rockers, Manley Pushrods, Dart Wilson ported intake to match head work, done by Advanced Performance Machining, Chrome Tall Chevrolet Valve Covers, no water pump, ignition or carb. Heads are off for inspection if required. This engine went 8.11 at 159 mph in a Dragster in Sydney, very consistent 8.20's at 157 mph all day on Sunoco EXO2, would be quicker on Alcohol. Has around 11.5-1 comp with forged fat tops. Reason for selling, we got a quicker one and we were keeping this for a spare but we have don't need it.
Great reliable engine for the money.Can crate and ship Australia wide at buyers expense. Call Geoff any time on 0456 428598....thanks for the space guys.


25-08-16 14:28:12
American Racing Qualifiers 17 x 2.25 with Goodyears, Anglia Spindle
Category: The Garage

SOLD GUYS, Thanks for the space.

16-08-16 17:51:30
American Racing Qualifiers 17 x 2.25 with Goodyears, Anglia Spindle
Category: The Garage

American Racing "Qualifier" one piece Forged Design Dragster front wheels and Goodyear Tyres, 17 x 2.25, wheels in excellent condition, tyres about half worn. To suit Anglia Spindles, wheels come with centre caps but no bearings. Can ship Aust Wide at buyers expense. Call Geoff anytime on 0456 428598.

Priced at $1450.00



16-08-16 17:44:03
SB Chev Dart Wilson 23 Deg Intake
Category: The Garage

Dart Wilson Small Block Chev intake, ported by Advanced Performance Machining, perfect condition. $550
Happy to freight Australia Wide at buyers expense. Call Geoff anytime on 0456 428598.

23-06-16 19:54:17
Sydney Dragway's Hi Performance Swap Meet
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Don't forget this Sunday is Sydney's Hi Performance Swap Meet at Sydney Dragway, kicking off at 7 am Sunday.

25-04-16 12:55:27
NSW ANDRA Division Director Elections
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Hey guys, after a lot of consideration I, Geoff Crisp have decided to run for the position of the ANDRA Division Director in the NSW Division.

Please read my Division Director notes below, and if you have any questions please ask them.

Dear ANDRA Members

My name is Geoff Crisp and I am standing for the position of Division Director in the state of NSW, I am 57 years old and have been working in the Performance Industry since 1980.

I have been an ANDRA member since the mid 70’s and have raced a variety of vehicles in both group Two and Three, my licence number is 10 so I have been around the sport for a while and currently I am involved in racing with my family; we compete in Modified with two RED’s driven by my daughters Jessica and Fiona.

Since the mid 90’s I was originally a DC Club Delegate before becoming a DC Delegate when the Club System was removed before becoming Division Director in 2000 till I resigned in September 2006 after the NSW racers had secured a Dragstrip for all of us. I stayed on as an ANDRA Steward till December 2010 before resigning from that too and concentrating on my girls racing.

Fast forward to 2016 and to be truthful I am embarrassed to be an ANDRA member, let alone a racer. With all the in fighting and arguments between the Racers, ANDRA and Sydney Dragway our sport and our enjoyment is fast heading down the toilet and it’s about time we (ALL OF US) did something about it.

I am not saying I have all the answers but I do know that respect from all sides has a lot to do with success and unfortunately in the recent past that respect has been sorely lacking between ANDRA and Sydney Dragway and if we can’t work together we can’t fix any problems, perceived or otherwise.

There is a mountain of work to be done to rebuild the Trust, Confidence and General Well Being between all parties and that is my priority along with raising the general profile of Drag racing in NSW, including the Regional Facilities and working with ANDRA Head Office to re-establish Drag Racing as Australia’s Number One Motorsport.

We started with nothing and we did it before and we can do it again, that’s why I am running for the Division Director position in NSW.

If you have any questions I am happy to be contacted any time on my mobile which is 0456 428 598, if for some reason I don’t answer please leave a message and I WILL ring you back.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Yours in Drag Racing

Geoff Crisp
ANDRA Member ‪#‎CNS‬ 776
ANDRA Licence #10

07-01-16 06:53:36
Race Calenders
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Barriers have always been an issue at Calder, along with the barriers not being against the wall, remember Calder always had grass between the barriers and the wall. When the ANDRA track specs were upgraded in the early 2000's things like walls all the way into the braking area and up against the track edge were introduced and have been in force since then. Hence some regional tracks could only run vehicles up to 200 mph at the time (Palmyra for a while) as they had barriers down one side only back then.

The new regs were put in place for a couple of reasons, safety being the obvious one but at the time we were still trying to secure WSID and the ardc were telling the government they could just move the grandstand over and put a strip in next to the circuit track, bullshit and absolutely dangerous and with Tony Thornton's help a new set of safety rules were drafted (with some help from NHRA) that eventually stopped the ardc from lying to the government about being able to build a track, as Governments took safety (read being sued) very seriously.

Hopefully no one renigs on the barriers for the Nats as there have been two false starts already to get them picked up.

You should go Geoff, don't miss out on what still should be a memorable event.

Take care


06-01-16 18:39:45
Race Calenders
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench


This is why someone NEEDS to be in charge of publicity, the story goes it WILL be Quarter Mile for everyone because concrete walls are being trucked in from the AGP mob and the braking area will be fully walled for the minimum length (about 450 metres from memory).

Now if this info is actually disseminated more entries would (I am sure) be rolling in than there now.

With that said I really wish for this event to be a rip roaring success for ALL of Drag Racing but I am not sure, I hope so.

And like someone a lot smarter than me said "If you want to find out the truth ask someone involved so I did, and the Sanctioning Body are happy with that.



03-01-16 14:28:50
Race Calenders
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Mr Dragnew

If you saw that release did you also notice that Calder claim to be running all Group One brackets over a 1/4 mile?????

I am sure that ANDRA will have given their approval BUT if the facility doesn't meet the requirements (braking area walls etc) who cops the kicking if there is a problem?

I sincerely hope the event is a ripper because ALL Drag Racing needs to be seen as positive, especially now but it does seem that ANDRA are still keen on playing the one-upmanship game and they have to realise that this is not a game to be played, especially when safety is involved.


23-10-15 12:34:55
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Thanks Grant....................But that was for the shortened 2015 Series which ended in June.

Has ANDRA announced what the 2016 Summit Series Payouts will be?

Again NOTHING AGAINST SUMMIT but our Sanctioning Body has been Chest Beating for a while now so maybe it's time to tell us what we are competing for....and I know no-one runs for money but............



18-10-15 15:54:30
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Tex & Grant.

Thanks for the replies, I understand the 10% deal and the gift voucher thing,  what I am asking is if there was enough money in the J.D deal to reduce driver licence fees then there should have been enough to do something for the other Sportsman racers when Summit took over the whole Sportsman Series from Rocket.

Where can I find what the end of season payouts are for each Sportsman Bracket?

This is in no way a shot at Summit but I do believe ANDRA should stop hiding everything they do and just show us what they are doing.



08-10-15 13:39:09
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Firts off it's cool to see Summit supporting the J/D Movement in Oz, and that there is enough money to reduce the Racer Licence Fees so..........

Keeping that in mind what tangible benefits did every other SPortsman racer recieve when SUmmit got to take over the Rocket Allstars Deal.

I know that there is an end of season pool but as I understand it there was enough to maybe help out the racer a bit too?

But with this great era of transparancy that the New ANDRA promised no-one will ever know.



28-09-15 09:24:29
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Hey Tex

As a Sydney team who has supported Sydney Dragway with two cars since the Junior Dyas what a kick in teh nuts it is to see only ONE Summit round in NSW at the East Coast Nats.

What happened to Summit at the Nitro Champs?

And will it just be another Track Championship round, what a downgrade for such a great event.

And just to show you how kind Sydney has been by reducing the East Coast Nats from three to two days, with the old Nationals costing $430 for three days which is $143.33 per day, the new event is $380 for two days which is $190 a day, plus we lost $100 off the prizemoney.

Thanks for helping out the loyal Sydney racer guys.


25-09-15 09:45:09
Category: General Discussion
Forum: The Bench

Actually no Nitro at all, No Top Bike either.

I don't think it's that bad, gives a pretty fair shake for all competitors plus Sportsman.

I guess if we get out there and support the events we might get a better resullt, although the East Coast Nationals and the "mis-information" on how the track is saving the Sportsman Racers money is a little "Far Fetched", and there are a bunch of pissed off racers because of that.

Three into two DOES NOT GO!


13-09-15 13:05:07
LX Torana 4 Door, Nice Streeter, not Race Car
Category: The Garage


For Sale

LX Torana 4 Door, 09/77 build, we are the second owners.

Nice Metalic Pink Paint, white Trim with Pink Piping, and black carpet throughout car and boot, fresh 253, Crane Cam, Edelbrock Performer, New 600 Quick Fuel 4bbl, new Extractors, new SFI Balancer, New H.D Flexplate, Fully Reconditioned Trimatic (not yet fitted) Hi-Vol JP Oil Pump etc, motor not started snce rebuild.

All new front Suspension, Subframe removed from vehicle and stripped and painted, all new bushes, bolts discs, ball joints, sway bar rubbers, calipers recoe'detc, basically everything re-newed on the front end, Same with the rear end, all new Trailing arm bushes and sway bar buses, new wheel cylinders and Rear shoes etc.

15 x 7 Alloy Wheels & Tyres (as new)  and the car still has the 5 on 4.25 PCD.

Vehicle has a single 2" exhaust, Autometer Monster Tach, new GTS Steering Wheel, remote control CD etc with Amp n Stuff.

Plus lots lots more.

Now the Bad Stuff............

Was stored at a "Mates Shop" and stuff was stolen before we got the car out.

It needs the Brake Booster/Master Cylinder, Starter, Alternator & Brackets, Spark Plug leads and exhaust hooking up. this car also had AirCon but there are bits missing too. Bonnet needs attaching (hinges are there). No Converter.

Vehicle has rust in both rear wheel arches (at the front of the arch), it is bubbled but not through the paint and could also do with a couple of  front floor sections, and it needs a battery

Car has been out of rego for four years.

Priced around $13500.  Car is located in Western Sydney and is available for inspection by appointment some evenings only.

CANNOT assist with transport for buyers who are not local, will help put on a tilt truck but that is all, too many bad experiences in the past to put myself through that bullshit again.

Please note that NO MORE THAN TWO PEOPLE will be permitted to be in the shop as there are other more valuable things there and,well these days you just can't be too careful.

Cash only (again sorry but been burned too many times) and once the car is paid in full then you will be free to take it.

Please text Geoff on 0456 428598 if interested.

Aren't big on pics but can do a few, no detail pics though (like rear wheel cylinders for example) lol.

Thanks for looking, Sorry to be a difficult seller but we have been jacked around too many times in the past.

Thanks guys for the space.

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